A person who has suffered physical injury, illness, disease or psychological damage can file a personal injury compensation claim. Types of injuries covered under the personal injury law explained in the following paragraphs.

Personal Injury LawSlip and fall cases are some of the common personal injury claims. When a person falls due to improper structure at a commercial place, the property owner can be held responsible for the accident. Workers, employees, customers, clients or visitors can suffer a physical injury accident in the office, commercial center or workplace. All such accidents are covered under the personal injury laws. A traffic accident may be caused by a careless driver. The company owning the vehicle and employing the driver can be held responsible for the accident. This type of accident can result in injuries to passengers.

Defective products can cause injuries. It can be a simple injury, extensive body damage or even death. The product manufacturer can be held responsible for the defect. Medical negligence and malpractices can result in different types of physical injuries. Medical professionals, clinics, hospitals, after care service providers and other such entities can be held responsible if the injury was caused by negligence or deficiency in their service.

Some types of assault claims are covered under personal injury laws. The personal injury occurs not only due to accidents or assaults but also due to negligence at workplaces, medical institutions and industries. Some business owners and companies fail to ensure safety at their workplace. An employee at such a workplace can suffer disease. Symptoms of these diseases may appear after several years. For example, mesothelioma is caused by long term exposure to asbestos particles. Similarly, workers can suffer silicosis due to long term exposure to sand or stone particles. Such diseases can permanently damage internal body organs.

Workers forced to perform repetitive tasks suffer strain injuries. Exposure to chemicals or poor working environment can lead to lung and chest diseases. The personal injury law covers all such claims. It is important to note that in all such cases, there is a time limit to file the claim. The amount of money the victim can receive depends on several factors. It includes the type and severity of the injury. The court takes into account the costs of medical care and aftercare services.

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