Psychological InjuriesPsychological injuries does not refer to being upset even experiencing distress as a result of any particular incident. If the anxiety or distress is a once once off then you cannot claim it as personal injury. However, it the anxiety and emotional distress continues for a while after the incident, you are withing your rights to make a personal injury claim. So basically a psychological injury case is similar to that of a personal injury claim as you are trying to prove that you have developed a mental health problem as a result of an incident or accident that occurred as a result of a third party.

Proving psychological injury is very different from proving a broken arm or leg in a personal injury case. Therefore it is imperative to determine what constitutes psychological injuries. Psychological injury only applies to certain mental conditions such as post traumatic stress disorder, depression, other anxiety disorders and other mood disorders such as a phobia or fear. Psychological injury is brought on by any number of traumatic incidents. However, the most common causes of psychological injury are usually car accidents, chronic pain or accidents that occur at work.

Measuring Psychological Injuries

In order to be diagnosed with psychological injury, you must undergo a psychiatric assessment. In order to even claim for psychological injury, you must either be the primary or secondary victim. If you are the primary victim, it means you were directly involved in the incident and if you are the secondary victim, it means you had to witness what happened. If you had an existing mental condition such as anxiety or depression, you must be able to prove that this incident made it worse. You should also be able to prove that if it were not for this incident the chances of your condition worsening would be zero to nothing. If you believe that you may be suffering the consequences of psychological injury, as a result of another parties negligence, you need to get in contact with reputable and competent lawyers as soon as possible. They will assist you in getting justice.

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