Criminal LawYou may want to know fields of law if planning to pursue a career in the field of law.

Criminal Laws
People accused of a criminal act are prosecuted under criminal laws. The accused individuals are entitled to receive legal representation to protect their rights and receive a fair trial.

Civil Rights
These laws are designed to maintain a balance between individual liberties and governmental power. The civil rights lawyers work on unfair practices related to employment, education, housing, rights, liberties and other entitlements.

Business Laws
These laws govern formation, dissolution, administration and other aspects of businesses. Corporate lawyers handle not only court cases but also mergers, acquisitions, disputes between partners and internal reorganization. In-house lawyers work only for one company.

Family Law
Lawyers specializing in this field handle cases related to family members. These cases relate to marriage, domestic partnership, civil union, child abuse, divorce, adoption, child welfare and visitation rights.

Health Law
This law concerns health care sector. Attorneys specializing in this field represent patients, clinics, health practitioners, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and academic institutions working in the field of health sector.

Immigration Law
Individuals planning to settle in another country permanently need different types of legal services. They have to provide documents to prove their identity, previous record, income and nationality. There are asylum seekers, refugees and persons without legal permission to stay in the country. They need different types of legal services.

Intellectual Property Laws
These laws protect the rights of businesses, authors and inventors. These entities want to protect their tangible or intangible things from unlawful duplication. There are trademark and copyright lawyers who manage different aspects of brand, logo, slogan and color theme ownership.

Labor Laws
These laws are designed to define the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees. In most sectors, employers cannot discriminate based on gender, age, race and disability.

Personal Injury Laws
Individuals who have suffered physical injury or emotional trauma can file a claim for compensation against the person or business responsible for their health problem. The injury may have been caused intentionally or unintentionally but the victim is still entitled to receive compensation.

Other fields of law include tax laws, real estate laws, military laws, maritime laws and international laws.

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